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Looking for pawnbroking services and more?
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We lend on Gold, Silver and Platinum Jewellery as well as Diamond Rings and Watches. Our staff are trained to value all your items so we can offer you a loan in store.
We also provide pawnbroking loans to small and medium size business owners. The interest rate on any loan can be lower if the value of the asset is significant.

  • Loans from £10 - £10,000
  • Immediate cash
  • Professional discrete staff
  • Over 50 years combined experience

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Sell your secondhand gold.

Scrap gold dealers Vallen Jewellers are Hertfordshire’s
leading scrap gold buyers.

Get top prices per gram for scrap gold.

As Herts premier scrap gold service we
consistently pay the best price for scrap gold
and unwanted or old scrap gold jewellery.

Our scrap gold prices are linked to the London
Gold fix, meaning our prices are always 100% accurate.

Visit our Waltham Cross store today and exchange your gold for instant cash.

Want to sell your scrap gold?

Price per gram is our internet price only. Personal callers please mention our website code 'AU9' when visiting either store in order to receive that days internet price.

What cash have you got tied up in your jewellery box, gold that’s been waiting for you to repair…. or you are never going to wear again, even the little odd bits of broken chain have a value. Remember every gram counts and at today’s scrap gold prices it’s valuable.

Need cash?

You need some cash for a new pair of earrings? Don’t have money for a holiday? Sell your scrap jewellery and get the money you need. Here you can sell gold of any carat. You can easily get cash for gold here if you have:

* old broken jewellery
* gold and silver coins
* scrap platinum

Get top prices per gram for scrap gold.

You will get the quoted price per gram for 9 carat through to 24 carat. This is what YOU get. We do not charge extra fees or postage. To find the value of your gold simply use our Gold Calculator.

If you want to sell your scrap gold, you need first to compare gold prices and find the best price to sell. We buy scrap gold at best prices.

How much money will you get for your scrap gold?

The money you receive for your scrap jewellery depends on the gold carat and its weight. Find out your scrap gold value right now – use the scrap value calculator on the site.
How does it work?

You will find it pleasant to work with us because we created our business to be fast, comfortable and secure. You can sell your scrap jewellery in a few easy steps.

* Calculate your scrap gold value and find how much money you can get
* Dowload and complete our PDF submission form
* Send us your gold by Royal Mail special delivery
* Receive the money within two working days fom when we receive your gold.
* You will not be deducted any fees, taxes or other charges
* Your gold will be sorted into its correct carat value
* We'll answer all emails and telephone calls

When will you receive the money?

You will get the money within two working days of receipt of your gold, personal callers to our stores are paid immediately.

Why sell scrap gold?

Selling scrap gold is ideal when you have old out of fashioned or broken jewellery. You can sell your gold to Vallens at good price and use the money for a holiday and other purchases.

You can sell broken chains, odd earrings, old bracelets, foreign gold, gold with no hallmarks, coins, watch casings, broken jewellery, in reality if it is gold we will buy it. You can sell hallmarked platinum too.

If you live near one of our stores and you would rather bring your gold into us in person and sell your scrap gold, by all means do, but please ring for an appointment.Click here to find us.

Any stones will be removed before weighing, all scrap gold that arrives will be graded and tested to our stringent procedures.

What are our guarantees?

Vallen Jewellers Ltd would like to make clear that is not involved in any OFT inquiry and have traded ethically since 1982. We strongly believe we pay a fair price for your gold.

We’ve seen them spending £millions on TV, pay celebrities huge fees to endorse their service; we’ve also seen them adding hidden charges like refinery fees, bank transfer fees etc. And what do all these overheads and hidden charges add up to? Less money for you.

We’ve grown our business because the price of gold per gram we advertise is the gold price we pay. Add this top gold price guarantee with our reputation for reliable, discreet, simple and fast service and you’ll understand why real customers – not paid celebrities- recommend us.

As one of the longest established scrap gold buyers on the web we’ve watched other companies come and go.

Our aim is to make it an easy and pleasant experience to sell gold.

Should you like an easy loan against your gold please visit our Waltham Cross store for a hassle free loan, with no credit checks.
Vallens want to make selling your gold to us a secure and pleasant transaction at best prices for scrap gold.

So where to start to sell scrap jewellery?

1. Start with the Apply form.
2. Post your scrap gold to us
3. Get money for your gold

We will deal with you openly and honestly and give you good scrap gold prices.

Price per gram is our internet price only. Personal callers please mention our website when visiting either store in order to receive that days internet price.